Saturday, June 16, 2012

Did I find my Purpose or has it found me?

I still haven't managed to figure out exactly how my Purpose found me (or I came aware of it) - it just seemed to click into place, to coalesce: I'm here to help as many people as I can to find great joy in creating delightful systems. I get better at that by improving myself as well. I'm here to help others derive intense professional satisfaction from growing into amazing teams and communities. I've experienced great joy (achieved amazing things with amazing teams) and great sorrow in my life (witnessed some dark deeds), and know that I can choose to shine my light everywhere.

The peculiar thing is that more I became aware of my purpose (my inner world began to shine), the more the situations I found myself in and contributed to were in synergy with my purpose (the outer world started to match my inner life) - and on and on in a reinforcing virtuous cycle. One might call this "magical" even – there seems to be great mystery in this law of resonance. In physics terms, maximum transfer of energy (information) between two oscillating systems happens when the oscillations have the same frequency. In human terms, we seem to attract into our lives people with similar beliefs or challenges – people with whom we have the chance to resonate and exchange information better with.

You're in charge – you get to decide how you vibrate. Nothing can force you to stay down when you get knocked a bit. I suspect our spirits come from beyond matter, beyond energy – our consciousness has the ability to shape intent. We can choose to be happy – and success on our terms will follow - it doesn't work the other way round. We just need to practice increasing our awareness, and purposefully defining the meaning we take from our interactions – this is not easy at all, but it's doable.

Increased awareness brings joy in other people's successes and compassion for their challenges. It brings the ability to help by developing a deeper understanding – there's no greater respect to pay someone than training your full awareness on them. I know, I'm sometimes even a bit scary that way, one of my coaches tells me I'm sometimes a bit too intense, I should relax a bit, make it less obvious. I think it's a bit weird (and somewhat sad) that it's currently unusual to give each other such full doses of attention.

Purposefully defining the meaning we take from our interactions means we can choose our response. We can choose to turn the other cheek. We can choose forgiveness, love and compassion. We can choose kindness. We can choose to radiate joy, no matter how bleak our circumstances in the instant. I am unaware of a better world that can be brought into being through hate or discord – the essence of life is love.

We can always help one another - if only we claim the courage to try. A great place to start is by respecting all other beings - after all, they're expressions of the same fundamental intent that shapes the Universe we perceive (and quite possibly anything beyond perception as well). Despite the plentiful illusions to the contrary, I think we're not really alone - in the core of our spirit, we're all one.