Monday, June 25, 2007

Enthusiasm is a choice

Enthusiasm, zest for life and the pursuit of excellence are personal choices.

It is quite likely that everyone likes success and admires masterful skills. Anyone who has proven some level of mastery in a particular field will be able to relate to the delight felt in exercising excellence.

Focus on specific objects or outcomes may lead to a view that excellence is something that is to be achieved, somewhere to be arrived at.

A focus on life as an enduring process may lead to a view that excellence is something to be continuously demonstrated through action and impact on the lives of others.

Widespread awareness and appreciation of the continuous improvement efforts required to practice excellence has yet to occur in human civilisation as a whole. Indeed, there are numerous pockets of excellence, in various great organisations and the traditions of some civilisations.

Yet, there is still plenty of ignorance, and violence, and malice, and stupidity... No matter. The power to change the world rests with every one of us, as change can only happen one awareness at a time.